What You’re Missing When Going It Alone

There is a lot to be said for having a “I’ll just do it myself” attitude when starting a new venture:

You’re not waiting on someone else to get work done – it’s all on you.
You’re not hearing other people’s opinions – the decision is all yours.
You’re able to take all the credit – because you’re doing all the work.

What Is Customer Journey Mapping?

Customer Journey mapping has become more than a buzzword, it’s an effective tool to learn about how your audience becomes referring clients. Most companies have sale teams that use sales funnels that determine how to determine qualified leads and move their behavior along a line of activities to become a client.  There are also lots […]

Six Rules To Follow When Strategic Planning

In all my years of facilitating strategic planning for organizations, businesses, and teams, there are some things I’ve learned that work for a high-performance-type level of experience.  One that everyone enjoys and the finished product of a plan is not only implemented, but the enthusiasm grows exponentially throughout the community.  Here are 6 “rules,” guidelines […]