6 Rules To Follow When Strategic Planning

eagleeye/ September 9, 2018

In all my years of facilitating strategic planning for organizations, businesses, and teams, there are some things I’ve learned that work for a high-performance-type level of experience.  One that everyone enjoys and the finished product of a plan is not only implemented, but the enthusiasm grows exponentially throughout the community.  Here are 6 “rules,” guidelines really, that set you and

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Networking Tip – Market Research

eagleeye/ April 20, 2018

(From April 2016) Ok, maybe you’ve not seen the same people a MILLION times, but certainly enough that you have moved beyond the need to go through the same elevator pitch.  You’ve already established a rapport, you’ve met and learned each others businesses, now what?  What do you talk about with people over-and-over?  How do you feel like you’ve had

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