Coaching is a partnership between you and your coach that facilitates the process for you to see, plan, and live out your potential.  Eagle Eye Strategies helps people tap into their inner purpose and passion and connect that with outer goals and tasks to bring about extraordinary and sustainable results.

"My business grew over 100% in less than…6 months with a little focus and minor tweaks in marketing and internal processes!  Christy helps me focus on the right areas that make the biggest difference to grow the business and sustain the pace to keep myself sane." ~Carl West, JCM Technologies

Carl West

What is a coach? Why do I need one?  How does it work to use a coach?  How do I choose one?  These are the top questions when it comes to coaching.  Explanations are simple:

What is a coach?

A coach is a trained professional that is skilled at guiding you from where you are in life to where you want to be.

Why do I need a coach?

Do you have goals you are having a hard time hitting?  Is there something blocking your advancement?  Do you need help working out how to bring an idea to life?  A coach is there to help you navigate adversity, clear the clutter of thought paradigms that hold you back from living an abundant life, and keep you on track to help you accomplish more.

How do I choose a coach?

Interview, interview, interview. Working with a coach is a personal relationship.  You want to make sure they have the qualities in a professional you are comfortable around and resonate with.  The experience should feel like having an award-winning Olympic coach lift you versus sitting outside the Principal's office when you don't hit your goals.

How does coaching work?

The initial session with a coach will be a lot of fact-finding.  The coach will ask a lot of questions to help determine your needs moving forward.  An action plan is developed, accountability agreed-upon, and next step ready for the next session.  Coaching involves a lot of conversations and a few tools to help you make a plan and stay focused and on the right track.

Christy Smallwood Strategic Guide

Meet Eagle Eye Strategies' Coach

Christy Smallwood, Chief Strategic Guide

Christy is a trained executive coach with an extensive background in marketing and organizational development and leadership.  She is also referred to as "Wonder Woman" - not joking.



Coaching is an experience that is unique to you within a structured program.  Having individual attention with a qualified executive coach can clear your head so you can discover more about yourself, develop a vision for your future, and help you accomplish your goals based on strategic priorities that fit your vision and values.


Clear Your Thinking


Set a Vision


Work Out New Ideas


Design A Strategy


Put It All Together

Each 90-minute session is for YOU and where you want to focus.  Don't know where to start? Don't worry, there's structure to help you maximize time with your Strategic Guide.

What you get:

  • Tools to develop a strategy and plan
  • Coaching to facilitate your thinking towards success

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Group coaching is a group of peers coming together regularly to learn from and share with each other feedback on ideas and activity.  The Coach guides the group through similar goals using the same kind of process as an individual, but facilitating the additional energy in the room.  The Coach also keeps each member accountable to agreed-upon action items to check in during the next session.

Groups that utilize coaching are leadership teams, sales teams, or even a group of business owners.

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