Marketing Is A Long-Distance Relationship

Marketing, simply put, is a sum total of all communication we put out into the world.

Done well, the right message gets to the right person and that person starts "dating" you and your company.  The next step is the ongoing relationship with that new customer or client you want to keep engaged and active.  If you take the same approach as keeping a long-distance relationship going, you'll have a steady flow of revenue for years.

A long-distance relationship requires a few things:


Also known in media terms as frequency, you need to keep messaging regularly with your clients.  Don't "ghost" them after they've purchased something. Keep talking to them, send them appreciative messages, open the path to get feedback and ask for it.

Tools to do this:  email, phone calls, thank you posts online, VIP offers, special client-only events, mail that has a special "wow" piece.

Consistency is also in the messaging. Don't tell your client how much  you love them one day, then how much you struggle with them the next.

Picture-Perfect Personas

The main thing that can help with message consistency is know your ideal client so well that YOU want to "date" THEM.  Remember what it was like to fall in the love with your significant other, or newborn child.  Those moments you spent taking in every skin line, every eye sparkle, every moment, every thought and facial expression, every word spoken...everything.

Imagine how much more your messaging would mean to your ideal client if you knew them like you were in love with them.

Tools to know:  demographic research, psychographic research, lifestyles, activities, search habits, color psychology, google analytics, SEMrush, focus groups, surveys and other research techniques.


Online dating sites are a great way to meet a ton of people.  When a person shows up at the lunch table to meet you, but looks like an 80-year old version of their profile - that's lack of integrity.

Integrity is what pulls it all together.  The right message to the right person to cause a revenue-generating action needs integrity on your follow-through to keep that client happy.

For example, if I go on your online store to order a classic Wonder Woman statue and you send me Betty Boop.  That is lack of integrity. I didn't get what I ordered.

Think about the service you provide, or the follow-up after an order of widgets.  How are you showing your level of integrity throughout?

Tools needed:  Core values defined, Evaluation/review process.

Marketing, by nature, can be detail-overwhelming and make anyone not want to do it.  But if you look at it like maintaining a long-distance relationship with the one you love - it becomes more exciting to see how you can make that person smile because of you.

There is a quote I remember every time I work with a new group of people that also applies to marketing:

Love your audience and they will love you right back.  It really can be that simple and fun even with your marketing.





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