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(From April 2016)
Ok, maybe you’ve not seen the same people a MILLION times, but certainly enough that you have moved beyond the need to go through the same elevator pitch.  You’ve already established a rapport, you’ve met and learned each others businesses, now what?  What do you talk about with people over-and-over?  How do you feel like you’ve had a productive time at a networking event when you’ve seen almost everyone for what feels like a million times?
All I can share with you is what I’VE done that has worked for me.  Turn your networking into market research time.
I’m currently volunteering as a candidate for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Woman of the Year campaign to raise money.  It’s a fabulous organization and I am learning a lot.  But I have a challenge to raise as much money as I possibly can – my goal is $12,823.  I have been trying to think of quick, easy, fun ways that lots of people would want to engage and give.  Tall order.  So…I brought my challenge to my network.  And the ideas started flowing!  In fact, we had so much fun with it that I will be launching the idea Sunday.
That’s one example of how to use your network effectively when networking.  Remember, networking is not about making a sale onsite.  Networking is simply adding someone to  your network of influencers.


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