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What you get in the Full Program

8-week program that provides training on every piece of the marketing puzzle you need to get your message aligned with your strategy to grow your client base.


9 Online Modules 

Foundational messaging, branding, target audience, goals & objectives, understanding & using data, designing the plan, doing the work, and evaluation.  From beginning to end, we will cover the entire marketing process. You will learn a lot, and have downloadable worksheets and links to tools you can use now.

6 Custom Strategy Sessions With Christy

During these strategy sessions we get right to what is going on with your strategy and marketing efforts right now.  Using the online courses will set you up for success during these sessions as well as maximize strategy time to talk specifics. The two combined will propel your marketing efforts into tangible results.

Bonus How-Tos!

This program isn’t just about learning how marketing works, it’s helping you implement your work into the various channel opportunities we have nowadays.  Each bonus module will walk you through specific how-tos for:

  • Social media
  • Website
  • Video
  • Networking
  • and more

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And if you're asking yourself, "Why should I bother?"

There is some harsh reality to needing a good marketing plan. If you don’t know how to do marketing to increase awareness, gather an audience, and generate qualified leads (for any kind of business), you won’t have the sales you need to “pay the rent.”  If your marketing is not aligned with your strategy – it falls flat. If you don’t have a strategy for your marketing – it won’t work.  What happens when your marketing doesn’t work?

You do another media buy (spending more money in the wrong spot)

You add an email funnel (and getting no click-thru)

You sponsor events with no follow-up

You go to networking events trying to sell (and turn everybody off)

You change prices to just sell something (and make no profit)

You put crazy things on social media

You start taking Tums to settle your indigestion

You keep Advil PM by your bed

You think about day drinking

You fight with your spouse

Your children spurn you

Your dog stops greeting you at the door…

And it’s all marketing’s fault.

Now, your world may not spiral that bad, but it’s a real possibility when your business is not solidly sustainable and growing.  Being strategic with your marketing – and getting the work done – is a key factor to make your business strong.

Why use me as your Marketing Mentor?

I have 25+ years of experience in the world of marketing. I have worked with business owners and marketing managers to focus on strategy first when it comes to choosing marketing activities (digital, social media, TV, radio, PR, etc.), that suit their business and resonate with their future clients.

I have learned and experienced how marketing really works from both sides of the table:  as a marketing manager and as a business owner.  I’ve seen a lot, done a lot, and keep learning new things every day that keep my marketing skills sharp.  I strategically guide clients as well as help get the work done by providing marketing services such as planning and management, social media, websites, video, and more.

I have helped my client achieve significant results: higher awareness, increased sales, larger profits = more time for them to do what that love with who they love to do it with.


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