There is a lot to be said for having a “I’ll just do it myself” attitude when starting a new venture:

  • You’re not waiting on someone else to get work done – it’s all on you.
  • You’re not hearing other people’s opinions – the decision is all yours.
  • You’re able to take all the credit – because you’re doing all the work.

And there are plenty of “experts” that say you can build a business by yourself for yourself.

But what happens when you don’t know what to do or how to do it?

Ask Google?  Maybe.  But even Google doesn’t know EVERYTHING, nor does it give you exactly what you need.

When we start our own business, we are so excited about our idea and bringing it to life that we tend to think we can do it all, but we can’t.

Sometimes necessity forces us to figure things out because of budget restraints – like graphic design, tax prep, marketing, etc. – but our efforts are lacking because we just don’t know how nor care to be good at it.  Which gets frustrating.

Going it alone will burn you out fast.  What you’re missing is a team.

Your team doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hire employees.  Your team can include a mastermind group, strategic alliances, accountability partners, and mentors.  These people know things you don’t, like shortcuts, tools, and connections, that will help you overcome obstacles and clear paths to increased success for you and your business.

How do you leverage your team for your benefit?  Take out a piece of paper (or create a spreadsheet, or use your CRM), and write in Name, Company, Industry/Category, Their Target, Their Expertise, Why I Go To Them.  Then list your people and their information across the rows.  When you need some help with a decision, refer to your chart.

No matter what you think, you are not alone in your business. You will need times of solitude to think, to dream, to center yourself; however, you need others to grow.  Your team is there to support your success in getting the work done, getting efforts to be effective toward your goals, and to help you feel like you are not alone in challenging times.