Tired of the marketing madness?

You know you need marketing to generate sales leads to support your business growth.  You know what you are doing now isn't cutting it - not getting you the results you need.  It may be time for some strategic reinforcements to put you on the right path.


"I trust Christy with my life ... and marketing.  She knows her stuff like nobody else I know and I'll always go to her for guidance to market my business in ways that really connect with my current and future clients." ~Diana Polsgrove, Owner, Eventualities


Why use a Strategic Guide for your business?

YOU know your business better than anyone else, but need help getting your marketing aligned with your goals, the message clearly defined, and tactics implemented properly and consistently. The Eagle Eye Strategies Strategic Guide becomes an overall director that designs the strategy, finds the right resources and vendors, and keeps activity on track to produce solid results.



Checking current activities and determining effectiveness toward reaching goals and objectives.


Setting the vision, defining the foundation, and filling the gap with a strategic plan that is easy to implement and maintain.


Providing the right resources and vendors for strategic tactical needs: websites, social media, PR, traditional advertising, events, etc.


Having focused effort for your marketing activities produces revenue growth results when done well.

How does it work?

By hiring Eagle Eye Strategies, you are getting full-service agency work at half the cost.  Management services are billed on a retainer basis while project work like video production, website creation, event planning, and so on, are billed separately according to the need.


This marketing starting point looks at your current marketing materials and activities, and reviews level of results.    This helps determine what the marketing needs to support. Are you generating leads for your sales team?  Are those leads qualified as potential clients? And asking a slew of other questions helps determine what is working now, what gaps exist, and areas that need tweaking within your marketing activity across all channels both traditional and digital (everything from your letterhead to website to social media and how you show up on Google).  It also includes an assessment on where you stand with your competition, what is going on in your industry, and insights into your ideal customer.


Once the assessment is complete, a strategic comprehensive action plan recommendation is presented that is based from findings of the audit and supports the vision and objectives of the business as defined with the owner in the initial strategy session.  This comprehensive plan also includes a tiered budget to allow a small business to grow into "spend money to make money" wisely, and a calendar of activities to plan the work.


Once the plan is approved by the owner, it can be implemented using a variety of resources: internally in the business with existing employees, utilizing services provided by Eagle Eye Strategies, or outsourcing projects to trusted vendors that align with the companies vision, expectations, and budget.  The Strategic Guide's role is to coordinate, monitor, and manage the execution of the plan.


Analytics are important to track to see if the marketing efforts you are putting forth are also producing the results you want.  Regular review is scheduled within the strategic plan that includes online activity and sales activity

Marketing Services Provided

  • Strategic Planning
  • Content Strategy
  • Branding
  • Website
  • Video
  • Social Media
  • PR & Events
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Sales Training
  • Marketing & Brand Management

Marketing Packages

Want to learn more about marketing services and packages to fit your needs?  Download the info sheets to see options.

Meet Your Strategic Guide

Christy Smallwood, owner of Eagle Eye Strategies, has marketing and advertising experience that spans over 25 years in a variety of business sizes and industries.

Why should I hire a Strategic Guide for marketing?

You have great ideas, that's why you started your business.  But the best business owners know they can't do everything themselves, and marketing is generally that sticky point of becoming a nightmare real quick if you try to do too much in too many directions that no longer makes sense for anyone including the budget and bottom line.  Bringing in an experienced marketing person can help get you centered, focused, and pointing in the right direction while helping you scale the mountain of marketing activity to increase business.